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Why Do I Have Jaw Pain?

Every day we use our jaw in multiple ways without even thinking about it. That is until we experience jaw pain and may require a nigth guard. Our jawbone connects to our skull at a pair of joints close to the ear canals known as the temporomandibular joints or TMJ. What might be some of […]

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Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

There are various reasons why wisdom tooth extraction is required. Wisdom teeth, or third molars as they are otherwise called, are the last teeth to erupt in our mouths. They generally emerge between the ages of 17 and 25 years. Anthropologists believe wisdom teeth were the answer to our early ancestors’ diets of rough food […]

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5 Reasons Why Senior Dental Care Is So Important

Those in the know say that seventy is the new sixty, and we agree! Senior dental care is important because it affects your physical and mental health. Well-maintained, natural teeth make it easier to enjoy the company of loved ones and friends or socialize with strangers.   Here are five reasons why senior dental care is […]

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How to Make Your Tooth Fillings Last

Contrary to popular belief, tooth fillings do not always last a lifetime. This is especially true if dental health does improve after the restorations are done.. If you are determined to ensure that your dental fillings stand the test of time, here are 3 helpful tips and guidelines to follow.  Visit Your Dentist Regularly This […]

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How to Deal with a Dental Emergency and Where to Go for Help

Nobody wants to have to deal with a dental emergency, but there is no changing the fact that sometimes they are unavoidable. In the event that you or a loved one damages a tooth and is in severe pain, you will probably be wondering what course of action to take and how to find an […]

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5 Types of Oral Surgery and Their Benefits

Any surgical procedure performed in your mouth, on your jaw or around your mouth can be considered oral surgery. This type of surgery is done by a dentist or/and an oral maxiofacial surgeon. Here are some of the common types of oral surgery and their benefits: Impacted Wisdom Teeth Wisdom teeth can become problematic when […]

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How to Keep Your Teeth White, Clean and Stain-Free

Clean, healthy pearly whites are something that many people aspire towards. Not only do clean, stain-free teeth make you look healthy and attractive, but it can give you a confidence boost as well. Here are a few tips to keep your teeth white for years to come: Avoid Ingredients that Can Stain Your Teeth Smoking, […]

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Taking Care of Your Child’s Oral Health

Taking care of your child’s oral health, and teaching him or her about oral health care, is an investment in your child that will pay dividends for long into the future. Here are a few tips from a family dentist in Peterborough to help you along the way: Set a Good Example “Monkey see, monkey […]

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How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Treat Tooth Gaps, Uneven Teeth and More

If you have gaps between your teeth, uneven teeth or other factors that make your smile look less than perfect, you can turn to a dentist such as Dr. Ralph Bastian for cosmetic dentistry. You don’t always need braces or extreme surgery to improve your smile. Veneers, for example, are one of the least expensive […]

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Tips and Advice to Help You and Your New Dentures Get Along

Dentures shouldn’t get in the way of your life – your mouth just needs a bit of training. Here are some tips to help you and your new dentures get along: Set Realistic Expectations Something as big as a denture can take a while to get used to. If you had braces when you were […]

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