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Tips and Advice to Help You and Your New Dentures Get Along


Dentures shouldn’t get in the way of your life – your mouth just needs a bit of training. Here are some tips to help you and your new dentures get along:

  • Set Realistic Expectations

Something as big as a denture can take a while to get used to. If you had braces when you were younger, then you will know how foreign the dental elements can feel in your mouth. Remember that the discomfort won’t last forever and that patience is key.

  • Do Your Dentures Feel Too Large?

Patients who recently received dentures often complain that it feels too large. Dentists usually instruct patients to keep wearing it for longer periods of time – as soon as you get used to them, they will start to feel more comfortable in your mouth.

  • Excessive Saliva

Expect more saliva production upon receiving a new denture. Just remember, it is something foreign in the mouth and this is the natural reaction of the body. 

  • Pain

Do your gums hurt? Rinse your mouth out with lukewarm salty water. If the pain persists, give your dentist a call. Lower dentures typically require more adjustments than a maxillary (upper) denture.

  • Difficulty Eating

Take your time and start with soft foods. Cut tough food into small pieces. Try to chew the food on both sides of the denture as this helps to stabilize the bite and reduce the tipping effect. With natural teeth we tend to chew the food on one side only. Denture mastication has a learning curve! 

  • Further Adjustments

At Dr. Ralph Bastian’s dental practice in Peterborough, adjustments are included at no cost up to three months after the denture is fitted. If you continue to feel discomfort, book an appointment so that an experienced dentist can check out your dentures for you. A balanced bite is critical for a denture to avoid dislodging and reduce bite trauma. Our dentists can ensure that your bite is balanced and correct.

Looking for denture repair or denture relining? Then book an appointment at Dr. Ralph Bastian’s dental clinic in Peterborough today.