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5 Reasons Why Senior Dental Care Is So Important

Those in the know say that seventy is the new sixty, and we agree! Senior dental care is important because it affects your physical and mental health. Well-maintained, natural teeth make it easier to enjoy the company of loved ones and friends or socialize with strangers.  

Here are five reasons why senior dental care is important.

senior dental care

Keeping Your Natural Teeth Versus Dentures Improves Quality of Life

Natural teeth are superior to dentures in every way. Aging gracefully with all your natural teeth is possible – if basic hygiene habits such as brushing your teeth and flossing are maintained. You will feel a lot more comfortable socializing with family, friends if you are confident your teeth will stay in place.

It Is Much Easier to Talk and Chew

Chewing food with natural teeth is easier, as they are set solidly in your jawbone. Dentures rest against your gums making chewing and talking more difficult since they are moving constantly and are in danger of causing denture sores. This is not a problem for natural teeth when maintained by proper dental care as provided by your dentist. We should also mention that natural teeth can masticate food in such a fashion that is much more nutritious and makes the food more easily digestible, helping you to improve your general health. Patients with dentures often have to make food choices that are soft and not necessarily so nutritious.

Well-Maintained Teeth Do Not Require Relines and Partial or Complete Dentures

Receding gums are a natural part of the aging process. It can be managed by regular cleaning as well as visits to a dentist who offers personalized senior dental care that will make you feel more comfortable. Well-maintained teeth do not require relines or refitting the surface of a denture to the gum, the way partial or complete dentures might. In particular for seniors, root sensitivity and root decay can be a problem. To prevent these issues your dentist can provide fluoride treatments and medications for dry mouth, which becomes an issue at night for many seniors.

A Sense of Pride on Having Your Own Teeth 

Natural teeth make you look good, whilst dentures make the face look older and more gaunt. Poorly fitting dentures often reduces the vertical hight of the face so that the distance from the chin to the nose is reduced and looks abnormal. Dentures need to be routinely removed for cleaning or to give the soft palate and remaining tissues a rest. Food also tastes better with your own teeth, as taste buds  (up to a third) are found throughout the mouth, including the soft palate.  

Dentures Can Click and Move Around, Making It Uncomfortable for Some People

Dentures become loose as the bone shrinks and gum underneath atrophy. This may cause them to click and move around, causing embarrassment when in the company of others. When you have your own teeth, any social situation is an opportunity to let the natural beauty of your smile through!

senior dental care

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