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5 Types of Oral Surgery and Their Benefits

Any surgical procedure performed in your mouth, on your jaw or around your mouth can be considered oral surgery. This type of surgery is done by a dentist or/and an oral maxiofacial surgeon. Here are some of the common types of oral surgery and their benefits:

  1. Impacted Wisdom Teeth
    Wisdom teeth can become problematic when they emerge or if they are retained. Some of these conditions include tooth decay from food impaction and chronic infections from the tissue around the wisdom teeth (pericoronitis). The pain associated with pericoronitis is always relieved by removing the wisdom teeth. Patients that have had orthodontics are typically sent for these extractions to reduce the chances of crowding and decay. Once removed, patients may experience reduced headaches and pain is eliminated. Patients with impacted wisdom teeth are typically referred to oral maxillofacial surgeons.
  2. Dental Implants
    Those with tooth loss who are looking for a long-term solution can consider dental implants. A dentist or dental specialist will surgically place a titanium implant into the jawbone. The main benefit of a dental implant is its realistic look and longevity, often lasting the lifetime of the patient.
  3. Jaw Surgery
    It can happen that a patient’s jaw isn’t properly aligned. The mandible or maxilla can be advanced or retruded to correct a severe malocclusion. This is done as a last resort to correct a skeletal malalignment. Traditional braces are required during and after the procedure. This life changing surgery dramatically improves appearance and the ability to masticate.
  4. Prosthodontics
    This refers to a variety of aesthetic procedures, such as veneers or bridges (fixed) or dentures (removable); the surgical insertion of dental implants and the reshaping of individual teeth to accept crowns. Prosthodontics provide aesthetic and functional benefits for patients.
  5. Tooth Extractions
    Tooth extraction is the procedure of removing a tooth/teeth. It is a relatively simple technical procedure. A dentist will generally use local or general anaesthesia or sedation during the process. A tooth/teeth is removed if it is damaged, the patient’s mouth is crowded, if it has caused an infection or for aesthetic reasons. Dr. Ralph Bastian can extract teeth and entire dentitions for you. If you are experiencing problems with your teeth, book an appointment with Dr. Ralph Bastian immediately. Delaying an extraction complicates the process and can lead to more bone destruction and the lose of healthy tissue.

A timeous intervention by Dr. Ralph Bastian will speed up your healing process and reduce complications. Contact Dr. Ralph Bastian for dental surgery today.