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Taking Care of Your Child’s Oral Health

Taking care of your child’s oral health, and teaching him or her about oral health care, is an investment in your child that will pay dividends for long into the future. Here are a few tips from a family dentist in Peterborough to help you along the way:

Set a Good Example

“Monkey see, monkey do!” Children learn by taking in their environment and seeing what the adults are up to. Make teeth brushing a family activity where everyone brushes their teeth. Teach them that brushing needs to happen minimum twice a day and that they need to floss daily. A good tip is to set a timer to 2 minutes to ensure that a decent amount of brushing takes place. Many modern brushes come with built-in timers for this purpose.

Let the Kids Choose

Take your children to the grocery store or pharmacy and let them choose their own toothbrush. This way, they can choose the colours and patterns they like. For younger children, the adults should choose the toothpaste and children under three should have a fluoride reduce toothpaste.

Reward Good Oral Care

Draw a chart that marks off the days that the children complete their oral healthcare routine. Reward them by sticking star-shaped stickers on the chart, or give them a small toy after a week of good brushing.

Minimize Sugar

Sugary drinks and high-sugar treats are very bad for children’s oral health. Juice packs and sticky candy are some of the worst offenders! Never put a small child to sleep with a Sippy cup with fruit juice. Continuous exposure to sugar overnight guaranties decay.

Children should visit their Dentist at Least Twice a Year

A bi-annual visit to a kid’s dentist will pick up on minor issues that can be repaired easily before they become major problems. Children’s tooth enamel is much thinner than adult’s teeth, so it needs to be monitored more carefully and frequently.

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